Mure School of Nursing
Mure School of Nursing
Mure School of Nursing
Mure School of Nursing
Mure School of Nursing
Mure School of Nursing
Mure School of Nursing

About Us

Mure Memorial Hospital was established in the year 1896 by the initiative of Dr. Agnes Henderson from Scotland. Mure School of Nursing was established in 1924. Since then 30 young women and girls were trained every year. 1936, The General Nursing Course was started.


The School prepares students for the certificate examination is General nursing, and Midwifery conducted by Maharashtra Nursing Council. The primary aim of the Institution is to impart sound formation - religious, mental, moral, social and physical based on the principles of Christian faith.

We the management and the faculty of the School of Nursing believe that Nursing is a noble and service oriented profession based on scientific knowledge which assists people in achieving their maximum health potential.

It is also believed that Nursing is a health service provided to individuals, families and community for prevention of diseases, promotion and conservation, restoration and maintenance of optimum health.

We believe that a professional Nurse is one who possesses intellectual competence and professional skills acquired through education. Knowledge of Nursing is derived from physical, biological, behaviourial sciences and humanities and research applied to the practical field.

Nursing is a process of assessing and diagnosing nursing problems, planning, implementing and evaluating the care given to the clients in achieving optimum health.

The management further believes that Nursing Education has its major purpose in the personal development and giving them a broad perspective as a citizen and guiding them for self fulfilling concern as citizen, secure in one's own potentialities, prepared to accept the responsibilities of citizenship in her community, country and world with a deep respect for those with different creed, cultures, values and morals.


  • 1. To instill and develop in the students and attitude for Nursing and to provide the necessary knowledge and skills and to give a comprehensive Nursing care to the patients in all types of illness.

  • 2. To develop skills in recognizing and interpreting intelligently the physical, mental and emotional manifestations of illness and be able to plan individual nursing care to patients based on their unique needs.

  • 3. To train students to work in mutual co-operation with medical and Para-medical personnel and participate in various programmes for prevention of disease and promotion of health in the community.

  • 4. To help the students integrate principles of mental hygiene and ethical and moral code involved in the practice of a Nursing.

  • 5. To help the students practice and teach others the principles of healthy living.

  • 6. To prepare students to be inter-dependent in their field of work and to become gradually independent and self-supporting financially after the training period.

  • 7. To help the students develop extra-curricular activities.

  • 8. To develop the individual to be sensitive to the rights of others and conscious of her duties and responsibilities to her own profession, fellow men and her country.

  • 9. To strive to emulate the divine Physician of Souls, recognizing Christ in the person of the sick and needy.